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Why an OpenDCU?

The OpenDCU is a standardized core of smart and connected home systems. The project is developing standards and profiles for the Internet of Things in homes, and will be publishing a freely-copyable reference design for the core device. The smart home market in the UK (and in most of Europe) is being held back by lack of consumer knowledge and confidence. People aren't buying because a) they are not confident their money will be well spent, and b) they're not sure they will get it to work. The OpenDCU project is expected to kick-start the smart home market in the UK by providing a clear lead that consumers can embrace. If you’d like to know more, we have published a white paper discussing the need for an open standard for digital home gateways.

An open reference design for the digital core of homes

The specification covers a “home hub” with wired and wireless connectivity, capable of running “apps” just like a smartphone. The spec also covers a touch-screen display, normally wall-mounted. The DCU also has a web interface and can be controlled by smartphone apps. We will be publishing a freely-copyable, open reference design for the DCU. [read more about the technology]

Why is it important?

The OpenDCU is expected to enable the marketplace for low-cost sensors and actuators, and thus for smart services such as advanced energy saving systems and intelligent heating; for health and care services, and for many other applications.      Uniquely, the objective of the OpenDCU is to provide a standard platform that can be managed by any external service provider. [Read more about its relevance to you...]

How can I get involved?

If you want to keep in touch with progress, you can follow us on twitter, or register for the

newsletter. We are also looking for supporters and sponsors; contact me at if you would like to know more. Finally, if you would like to help with

the technical work, we’d love to have you aboard.

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2013-01-14: Pivotal Tracker set up

We’ve set up two projects using the wonderful Pivotal Tracker tool: one for Technical items and another for Marketing and similar issues. Not many stories on there right now, but watch this space... [more...]

2012-12-18: Derby City Council

supports OpenDCU

Thank you to Derby City Council for their support for the OpenDCU initiative.